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Serveuse/Hôtesse/Discothèques (Paris)

jobs in paris - jobs in paris
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Casting Call for Short Love Film in Paris, France (Paris, France)

jobs in paris - jobs in paris
Arris Productions is filming our next short drama/romance film in Paris, France and we would love any help we can get! We are scheduling to arrive in France on November 20th and start filming on the 22nd through the 29th of November. This is a small project so we have some financial limitations but these are paid roles.

We have an award winning director, a very talented writer, and international recording artists doing the score. We are looking for the right talent to play the below roles and make this story come to life. Please send me an email if you are interested with your experience, headshots and why you think you can help us achieve the goal of the film.
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The story line is a young girl moves in with her Aunt to begin dancing ballet as a career and she is not pleased with the move, nor does she desire to dance ballet anymore. She notices a neighborhood boy who practices dance everyday at sunset and sundown. She connects with his passion and dedication. Over time she rediscovers her love for dance while finding love in the process.

Character Bios:
Girl - Name undetermined
Age: 17-22
Height: 5'0-5'7 (average)
Hair: Any
Girl - Very shy, introverted, always in her own thoughts, does not speak
in film aloud. We hear her thoughts only when she is
writing. Her writing is almost like a journal but more like
poetry, as if she is perfecting her craft. She
is hopelessly romantic and extremely passionate.

Boy - Name undetermined
Age: 17-22
Height: N/A
Hair: N/A
Boy - Passionate about doing things right, even if it means
he has to do the same thing over and over. He is viewed at a
distance throughout the film but we gather he is social, has
fun, is confident. He hides his hard work from anyone to
make it look easy.

Aunt - Name undetermined
Age: 38+
Height: N/A
Hair: N/A
Aunt - Caring, motherly and proud of her niece. She takes
her task of watching GIRL very seriously. The is very
outgoing and talks almost non-stop.

Instructor - Name Undetermined.
Age: 35+
Height: N/A
Hair: N/A
Could be male or female.
Instructor - Is very stern, he looks to pull the best out
his dancers. Although rough around the edges he is happy to
see potential.
Credit List:
Executive Producer: Heather Jaynes
Writer/Director/Cinematographer: David Damen//
Writer: Lee Horvitz
Score (music): Ill Poetic and Blueprint

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  • Lieu: Paris, France
  • Compensation: negotiable
  • Le tltravail est autoris.
  • Ceci est un emploi temps partiel.
  • Ceci est un emploi contractuel.
  • Les recruteurs sont autoriss contacter l'annonceur l'origine de cette offre.
  • Les appels tlphoniques concernant cette offre sont autoriss.
  • Veuillez ne pas contacter l'annonceur de l'offre d'emploi pour d'autres services, produits ou intrts commerciaux.

Agent de reservation dans un hotel (Paris)

jobs in paris - jobs in paris
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Barstaff position (female) (Paris)

jobs in paris - jobs in paris
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female model wanted (Paris)

jobs in paris - jobs in paris
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