Home A spacious room of 16,5m² in rent in an 84m² flat (Epinay sur Seine) €450 16m2 paris international chat

A spacious room of 16,5m² in rent in an 84m² flat (Epinay sur Seine) €450 16m2

rooms available in paris - rooms available in paris

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A big room of 16,5 square meters available, in a large flat of 84 square meters.

It's in Epinay sur Seine, a suburb extremely well connected to Paris. Unlike most other suburbs, which depends on one line only, Epinay is connected to Paris via three lines, making it very convenient to be in Paris. Most places across Paris can be reached in an hour or less (this includes the time to reach the train stations, and waiting time).

Both Saint Lazare and Gare du Nord can be reached in half an hour or less, once you leave the flat and have called the lift.

As of now, there is one guy and two girls living in the Flat.

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