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We will solve your finding an Apartment Problem + Guarantor, Bank etc

rooms available in paris - rooms available in paris

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We offer you Guarantors, Bank Accounts and so much more to get started in Paris :)

The main thing is a consultation for 5 € to answer all your questions and help you with the following issues (you will be surprised how quickly they will be resolved):

- we will cover: how to find an Apartment in Paris (yes in Paris 75 we will make it happen, no it in the suburbs), where to look for, what to say to landlords, how to negotiate, good areas etc. (this is all way easier then you think if you work smart it is actually possible to finish your entire housing search in 3 Days and yes we can do that with you you will even have time to discover Paris just imagine that

- meeting french people, make new friends, which clubs to join, social opportunites etc. (that is also way easier than you think French People are incredibly open :))

- cool free stuff to do in Paris (most People even Parisians don't really know about this to my surprise but yes you can experience a lot of very good free stuff in Paris like free cinema all the time, free french cooking courses, free high-quality sports courses etc.)

- where to buy the cheapest and high-quality Groceries in Paris (hint: it are the hidden supermarkets which you don't even find on Google Maps this is insider knowledge) + Public Transport Tips (Carte Imagine R, which Tickets to buy until you don't have one, which Public Transport to take etc.)

- Job Hunting and finding a well paying funny Job in France even when you have Visa Restrictions

- how to avoid bad advice (unfortunately most of the advice from your first points of contact will be straight up terrible f.i. from your standard hostel-employees who either: 1) still live with their parents at age 25 2) live in the suburbs 3) are foreigners like you who came to Paris to learn French and speak even worser French than you
favorites are: "I go to Monoprix and Franprix all the time because they are so cheap" (hint: they are not)
other bad advice include f.i. Paris unraveled which gives apartment advice but lives in a flatshare in the suburbs (from her own website: Siθge social: 29 rue Bernard et Mazoyer 93300 Aubervilliers)
or the british girl on youtube which gives job hunting advice but talks about cv designing where stuff like networking with employees and teaching you how to network with employees would have gotten you way much further

--> you don't wanna learn from theese people you wanna learn from people who actually live in the city center of Paris

- which Translator to use for your Documents (I had to go through translating my documents myself recently there are certainly some hidden things and even things and translators you can use but the Bureaucrats for some reason even don't tell you that at the Application itself)

- where the best Places are to get free Wifi (because you are likely to get shut out of your hostel during noon and there is literally no need to pay to go a restaurant nearby or go to an uncomfortable Mc Donalds there are enough open very good work places in Paris even in August when everybody travels although they are a bit hidden)

- NOT SATISFIED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (this is an easy one if we couldn't answer your questions to the best or there are open questions in our area of expertise we will give you back your money simply because we know we are the best you will get)

How does it go from here: We will meet in a public location with Security Guards, Security Cameras and Wifi like Mc Donalds, we sign a short contract, you give us the 5€ for the consultation and then we talk, simple as that.

--> some other probably live-saving services that we offer:

- GUARANTEED GUARANTOR for renting you would be surprised how easy it is to get a Guarantor in France no matter if you are a European Union Citizen, "Outre-Mer" f.i. American or Asian etc.,
it works basically like that we work with some investors and you pay a certain low single digit percentage of your rent back to the investors (hovers around 10€ +-5€ per Month in the maximum and gets lower if you have good revenues aka good chances that you will always pay the rent, this is certainly something I wish I would have known of in the past, Apartment here you come!):
5€ per Application / Reference to Investors

-WE OFFER YOU A BANK ACCOUNT for paying Rent, getting a French Phone Number (you will even get advise to which Company to subscribe to) etc., it works like that once you have a Bank Account in France and good revenues you can actually open a second one with a specific purpose that's what I did as a Business Account to rent it out to future Students who need a Bank Account for securing an Apartment, paying stuff etc.:
10€ per Rent if you want to pay Rent with it (for every Month you want to pay your Rent with the Bank Account until you have your own Bank Account then it stops obviously)
5€ for the subscription to get a French Phone Number and 2€ for every Month that your phone bill goes through our Bank Account until you have your own Bank Account
2 € for a Gym Subscription for every Month your billing goes through the Bank Account
2 € for for a Wifi Subscription perhaps for your Apartment for every Month your billing goes through the Bank Account
other payment services like buying groceries online 2€ per transaction

- Translation Speaking Services English-French for French Bureaucracy Offices or Apartment Visitings etc. (only available for Apartment Visitings in Paris itself (75)) : 5€ per Appointment

- filling out Documents and providing Documents Help (yes you are eligible for APL aka French housing support and yes it is a way easier than you think, I receive APL myself and can show you a proof of it and I met French People who did not apply because they thought it was too much paperwork): 5€ per Application

It is primarily aimed at Students but you can also request help if you are f.i. an Expat.

Feel free to drop by if you are a Tourist just the tips alone on Groceries and Public Transport will save you easily 10€ so you actually make money and also get to meet some people, hey! :)

The reason I am doing it right now with a friend is simply I am caught up in Bureaucracy myself and havn't found the time to do it earlier (if think you think the beginning is much bureaucracy try to become a permanent resident...). I originally wanted to start it in mid-July when everyone gets their Certificate of Enrolment from their Universities and a bit more professional with a Website but oh well.

I was actually a former Exchange Student myself so i went through all this what you are going through myself trust me once you know how to work it smartly it becomes way way easier than it seems. Can show me Student ID Card as proof if you want to, I still have it.

To throw in another yet honest Sales-Pitch: I am not sure how long I will keep this offer up because there are obviously more profitable ways to spend one's time than talking to people for 5€ per Hour so better get help now before it may be closed in the future as long as the ad is up it is available though.

Hope to help you soon :)

PS: If you are thinking that this is the one unique opportunity to save all your new arrivals troubles in Paris yes indeed it is :)

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